Saturday, December 26, 2009

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies- Bangalore

The Bangalore Operations are centered in the busy
Koramangala area of the city which is in close proximity to
IT institutions like Wipro, Verisign, NDS and Toshiba. It is
easily accessible from the throbbing nerve-centers and IT
hubs around the city, like Electronic city, Sarjapur Road,
Outer Ring Road, Whitefield, Bannerghata Road etc. It has
two five-storied buildings, fully air-conditioned and
appropriately furnished - harmonizing comforts and
aesthetic appeal while conforming to the academic
requirements, and is appropriately equipped with state-ofthe-
art IT facilities.

The Value Proposition

The programs offered at NMIMS Bangalore intend to fulfill
the highly visible gap between the demand and supply
scenarios - for quality management education, both in the
executive and full-time space, in Bangalore. It will be
offering high end business analytics, since Bangalore is a
hotbed for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The demand
for MBA professionals with an analytics background is
rising, and the supply is miniscule as compared to the demand.
These are the exemplary kind of voids that NMIMS Bangalore
intends to fulfill, thereby bridging the gap
between 'what-industry-wants' and 'what the available
management education options offer', in Bangalore.
Currently, there is a dearth of quality management
graduates in India. Although there are over 1500 B-Schools
in the country, it is only a few top B-Schools that impart
quality management education and may be compared with
the global leaders. We need to substantiate this. Further,
most of the leading B-schools offer general management
programs and those that offer specializations confine
themselves to the core functional areas of marketing and
finance. There is a considerable void in specialized domains
like technology management, services management, retail
management and operations management. NMIMS
proposes to fill this void in the full-time space. Thus, even
though the intake will be pan-Indian, the courses offered at
NMIMS Bangalore, would be designed and structured in
accordance with the industry-specific requirements of the


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